What's in My Gluten-Free Kitchen?

I often receive emails from readers of  my cookbook asking me about some of the tools and gadgets I use in my kitchen. Here are a few of my favorites. 


I am always using spatulas in my kitchen. They come in handy when you’re transferring the gluten-free bread batter to the loaf pan. They’re useful

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Rolling Pins

I have a few different rolling pins. The Joseph Joseph adjustable rolling pin is one of my favorites. First of all is it’s almost like a work

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Pizzelle Press

Pizzelles are Italian waffle cookies. You place a small amount of the batter or dough onto the pizzelle maker and press it shut as it

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Pie Maker

I bought this Babycakes Cupcake Maker mainly to make mini pies. The pie pastry recipe in my cookbook is incredibly easy to work with and

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Donut Maker

Many of these quick kitchen appliances often don’t do too well when you throw gluten-free into the mix. I was happily surprised to find this

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Slow Cooker

We live on a farm and during the summer months things can get quite busy here. I decided to purchase a slow cooker only to

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Garlic Press

We have 2 garlic presses in our house. We love to season with garlic.   This garlic press allows you to effortlessly press cloves of

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