Waffle Maker

My husband is a man who loves his waffles. When he found out one of our previous waffles makers had stopped working he actually ran out to the store on his lunch break to pick up a new one. We had gone through many, many cheap waffle makers that lasted for a few months at best. They stuck like crazy no matter what we tried.


Then I heard about the Calphalon No Peek Belgian Waffle Maker. I read the impressive mostly 5-star reviews but still the price kept me from buying it at first, especially considering our track record with previous waffle makers. Finally I had the good sense to take the plunge and purchase it and I couldn’t be happier.


The waffle maker makes perfect gluten-free waffles every time with no sticking. None. Not a bit. Absolutely no sticking at all. It doesn’t even need for the grates to be oiled before using. And it’s true, you don’t need to peek and check on your waffles. The timer sounds when they’re done and you get perfectly cooked waffles every time.