The Problem With Great Friends Inviting Us To Dinner

I have to say my husband and I have some pretty terrific friends. And I love that they wanted to get together. But then I cringed. They wanted to get together over dinner at a restaurant we’d never been to yet.

We’re fortunate these friends completely understood that we have celiac and several food intolerances and don’t eat out much. So they decided that even if we couldn’t eat at the restaurant they’d chosen at least we could just come and not order anything and have fun. Sure, being with them is a continuous night of laughter and great conversation, but sitting around while everyone else is eating didn’t sound like something we’d be able to bear. We like to eat!

So I phoned the restaurant and was informed they did not have a gluten free menu and they didn’t seem accommodating enough to work with us and make something we could eat so we decided to choose a different restaurant.

Finding an Allergy-Safe Restaurant

I pulled up the support group website for our area and found the list of restaurants known to cater to those with food allergies. Truth be told we really don’t eat out often. We’ve recently moved and we have two restaurants we can safely eat at with any stomach upset or other issues.

Gluten-Free Resources section of the website and I’ll be writing more about each of them in an upcoming blog.

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