The Mind And A Leaky Gut

When my daughter Kelly was young, she had candida and a leaky gut. (I discuss this more on the “About Us” page.) Candida can make the intestines more permeable, in effect creating small holes for bacteria, food and toxins to pass through into the bloodstream and into the body. Because of this permeability, toxins are allowed to pass into the brain, and can result in symptoms such as “brain fog”, memory loss, confusion and depression as well as chemical intolerance.

Chemicals, Toxins And The Mind

homemade food coloring ideas can be found here.)


Kelly wanted a truck cake this year. She also asked for a marble cake.
It’s a new recipe I just developed. We topped it with vanilla frosting.

In a few years Kelly may be a parent and my mind is already thinking how am I going to keep those children safe. How?

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