Scientists Genetically Engineer Cow To Produce Low-Allergy Milk

CNN has this headline on their website, Genetically Modified Cow May Hold Answer for Milk Allergy. Then I received a newsletter from one of the allergy sites I subscribe to, and I was really surprised by their take on the recent news:

This week there’s great news for children with milk allergies. A genetically modified cow was created in New Zealand that produces low-allergy milk.

I’m trying to figure out how this is “great news”. Great news that we’ve genetically modified a cow to produce low-allergy milk and we’re going to have infants and children allergic to milk drink this instead. Infants. Babies.

Daisy, the Genetically Engineered Cow

Daisy, the genetically engineered cow, was created in a lab. And she was cloned in part using man-made material. Out of 100 embryos, hers is only one that survived. And for some reason, the scientists can’t quite figure out why she was born without a tail.

Please. tell me we haven’t come to this.

Thank goodness no genetically modified animals or animal products have been sold for food yet. Although they are working on a genetically modified salmon.

Am I the only one who thinks all of this is crazy?

Image Credit:  Milk in glass image courtesy of Stuart Miles
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