Rice MIlk

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Rice Milk

Many commercial non-dairy milk substitutes have a starchy, bitter aftertaste or are loaded with sugar. It wasn’t long before I tired of paying for and lugging home cases of rice milk and set out on a quest to make my own.  

This is the fastest, easiest way to prepare rice milk.  One day I was in a rush and needed milk quickly.  Normally I prepared the milk the way I describe in the Non-Dairy Rice Milk recipe which follows on pages 26 – 27 of my cookbook, but then I thought why do I have to cook the rice for 20 minutes, then process it into milk?
Since rice flour is simply milled rice, why couldn’t I cook that for only a few short minutes and blend it?  Happy to say it led me to perfect rice milk with almost no waste!
My daughter is the true taste tester for milk substitutes.  There are few she’ll actually drink.   This one though has a pleasant taste that even my daughter will drink and she prefers it unsweetened.   And even though she can prepare the milk herself, she is always happy to see a full pitcher ready and waiting for her in the fridge when she’s thirsty.
Makes approx. 8 cups (½ gallon)
On stovetop in a 5-quart pot on medium heat, add:
2 cups water 
¼ cup white rice flour
Bring pot to a light boil stirring often until mixture thickens into a slurry, about 3 – 4 minutes.  
Remove from heat and add to pot:
4 cups water
3 cups chopped ice
½ teaspoon sea salt
sweetener to taste (optional)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)
Process in pot on high speed with immersion or stick blender for 30 seconds or until well combined and milk is frothy.
Pour milk into a glass container and refrigerate.  Shake well before serving.  Best when used within 3 – 4 days of preparing.
  • If you need to make 1 gallon of milk, it’s best to make a half gallon at a time (in two separate pots) instead of doubling this recipe.  Doubling it and using ½ cup of rice flour makes a very thick base for the milk.  
  • Different brands of rice may produce a starchier milk and you may have to add more water to achieve the proper consistency.  
  • Please note though, unlike commercial brands, this milk isn’t fortified with added minerals and vitamins.  
  • I use this milk unsweetened in all my recipes.   The vanilla version is best for drinking and not for cooking.
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