Lots Of Changes For This Gluten-Free Girl All The Way Around

Life for the Clevenger family has been very busy as of late! And that is an understatement. We were living in Florida and my husband was offered a position on Fishkill Farms, a sustainable farm, in New York. I was born in New York and still have so many friends and family in the area, so I was ecstatic.

Packing and Unpacking

Well, we’ve spent the last few weeks packing and now we’re unpacking and settling in a bit. The place we’re staying at is only temporary while renovations are being done on a farm house directly on the farm my husband will be managing. So now we’re in an apartment and my office is a computer desk and a file cabinet. In less than six months, we pack it all up again to move into the farm house. Crazy. Crazy.

Celeste’s Best Gluten-Free, Yeast-Free Bread Baking in Oven

Fortunately, I had several leftover meals in the freezer which helped a lot. And the funny part was our amazing neighbors, Maria and Jose, were left with some food we couldn’t fit into our cooler to take with us. I got a call the other day and they were asking me for the recipe for the Beef Stew and said it was amazing. I told them it was in my cookbook, Celeste’s Best Gluten-Free, Allergen-Free Recipes. And since it’s so cold here (not 80 degree weather like Florida) I think we’ll plan on making that again this week to help warm us up a bit.

Another thing we did was get take out from Outback Steakhouse a few nights. That helped during those busy times when we had just listed our house and were having showings. For the long car ride, we had steak for dinner and made enough to have leftovers for steak salads for lunch in the car the following day.

Had to laugh. Our car and moving van were packed to the brim. I mean actually so full we had to leave stuff behind. So anyway, I get in the car and start driving and realize we have no food to eat for the ride – it was all packed in the back in the cooler. A celiac with no food in the car – to me, that’s funny. This gluten-free girl is always hungry and is never without her stash.

And my husband was a genius and suggested making pot roast – just a few chuck roasts salted and peppered and thrown in the oven with carrots and onions and a small amount of beef stock. We cooked that the night before we left and that was our dinner the night we moved into the apartment. Our GPS had taken us on a wild ride straight through NYC at rush hour (do not EVER trust your GPS – lesson learned once again!!) and we wound up getting in so much later than we had anticipated and I was so thankful for that wonderful fully prepared gluten-free meal!

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