Litehouse Gluten-Free Freeze-Dried Herbs And Spices

We’ve been having issues with spices. Some spice companies, even those with certified gluten-free labels, were causing issues for our family. Why? You have to remember even certified gf products can contain small amounts of gluten. For some that might not be an issue, but for those sensitive souls like our family, even trace amounts are starting to cause a reaction.

But My Spice Company Says All Their Products are Gluten-Free

This may be hard for newbies to hear, but manufacturers will often say anything to sell a product. Many products are labeled gluten-free and they’re not. Anyone can say their product is gluten free.

The Best Herbs and Gluten-Free Spices to Use

I’m revising many of my recipes now to use spices and herbs straight from the plant. For instance, only using cloves of garlic, minced, instead of garlic powder or garlic salt. I generally keep some chopped parsley, cilantro and dill in resealable bags in the freezer.


find their products. I just called their customer service number and they’re going to call me back with additional stores in my area that might carry the spices.

You can also order any of the spices from the Litehouse site directly. It’s priced slightly higher than you’d pay in the supermarket, though. There are several grocery stores in the area that carry Litehouse herbs and spices including ShopRite, Hannaford, Stop and Shop and Price Chopper.

Let the seasoning begin!!

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