Let’s Go Gluten-Free To Outback Tonight!

One of our favorite gluten-free restaurants is Outback Steakhouse. We’ve gone to Outback for years now. I think it was the first restaurant chain we went to shortly after my daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease more than 10 years ago. I remember, too, my sister-in-law taking a cross country trip with her son who also had celiac around that time and she planned several stops around places that had Outback restaurants. Ten years ago it wasn’t very common to go into a restaurant and have gluten-free choices. Fortunately today more and more restaurants are adding gluten-free items to their menus.

Outback now has a gluten-free menu available at their restaurants. You can see the circular gf logo in the top corner. For the past several years when we went to the restaurant we’d have to bring our own copy of the gf menu we’d downloaded off their website. They usually don’t have enough gf menus and on the night we went they gave us both the actual menu as well as a paper copy, which they only had one of so we had to share.




Our waitress remembered us and was aware that we were gf and didn’t bring the traditional loaf of bread to the table. That’s another thing we’ve always appreciated about Outback – how well trained their staff is in regard to gluten-free dining.

For dinner my husband and daughter chose the same meal. What Outback is famous for – the full rack of ribs. They skip the Aussie Chips which are not gluten-free and instead have steamed vegetables without butter or seasoning and a baked potato with chives (they bring a butter substitute with them). Some nights my husband will order a salad and ask them to prepare it in a fresh bowl without croutons or cheese.



I tend to order either the steak or the fish. This night I ordered the Norwegian Salmon. I order it without seasoning and then simply and perfectly season it with the fresh pepper and sea salt on the table and I also ask for some cut up lemon slices and I squeeze some juice over the fillet, too. Along with the salmon I order the steamed vegetables without seasoning or butter and one additional vegetable such as green beans or asparagus.



Although the picture shows it without any seasoning, once I add the salt, pepper and lemon juice it’s perfect every time!

Time and again I’m so very happy that there is a restaurant I can eat at without any issues or repercussions for several days afterwards. And I think I’ll always be grateful to Outback for stepping up long before any other chain of restaurants did and giving those of us with food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities a great environment to go out with friends and family and enjoy a meal again.

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