GMO Corn And Stomach Pains

Since I was in my twenties, I’ve had a hard time eating corn. I was never able to digest it and never felt all that good after eating it.

I started following the Eat Right for Your Blood Type Diet many years ago and corn, as well as gluten, were listed as foods to avoid. To me, that was another validation that listening to my body’s reaction to foods was something I should be doing more often.

Reactions to Eating Corn

When you have multiple food sensitivities and intolerances like we do, you start to learn each reaction and what food might have caused it. Oddly, each food has it’s own signature reaction. For instance, normally when I eat corn, I’d react with stomach discomfort and bloating.

New Reaction to Ingesting Corn

But recently, my reactions have changed to actual stomach pains. Brief, but sharp, stabbing pains. But still, I doubted if it was from eating some hidden corn – or was I crazy and it was all in my head?

Maybe It’s Not All in My Head

But then yesterday while searching on the Delphi Forums Avoiding Corn forum to make sure a dish soap we were using was corn-free, I came upon a couple of posters discussing stomach pains when they ate GMO corn. One poster even suggested doing a search on Google with the keywords: GMO corn stomach pains. Lots and lots of results came up with those search terms.

Finding this information was yet another validation for me that I wasn’t crazy. Sometimes with all these food allergies and sensitivities, you often think you really might be going crazy or that it’s all in your mind. But then when you stumble across others experiencing similar symptoms, you realize it all couldn’t have been simply in your mind and that can be very reassuring.

Image Credit: Piotr Marcinski/123rf


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