Glutenized – What To Do When You’re Sick From Eating Gluten?

In our house, unknowingly ingesting gluten is affectionately called being “glutenized”. And I say unknowing ingesting gluten, because we get too sick from gluten to ever knowingly eat anything with gluten. I was just glutenized again the day before yesterday. And yesterday is pretty much a blur. Total brain fog, doubled-over with stomach cramps, in and out of the bathroom all day, and so tired I didn’t get anything done.

What Did I Eat This Time?

To tell you the truth, I really don’t know. My reaction to corn is now so similar to my reaction to gluten that I have a hard time telling them apart. I’ve got it narrowed down to four possibilities. As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, we’ve recently moved so we had to find some new brands to replace our trusted ones we normally purchased.

It could have been some canned beans, an all natural fruit and vegetable drink, or some goat cheese I had. Who knows?

And I have to admit, I was hungry the other day and even though I knew there was a possibility I might get sick, I took a chance. I don’t normally throw so many variables into the mix – try to only eat one new food at a time to test. But sometimes you can just get so hungry!

Surviving Being Glutenized

Over the years, we’ve come up with a few things that help make our gluten and food reactions less severe and last for a shorter duration.

Our 1-2-3 “Oh No!! I Ate Gluten Again!” Punch!

This is our current protocol for being glutenized:

Formula 303 is a natural muscle relaxant. It’s a combination of valerian root, passion flower, and magnesium carbonate. Here’s a really detailed description of Formula 303.

It has this funky smell to it, but I don’t mind it so much because it’s kind of my ace in the hole, so to speak. I could be in the fetal position, unable to move and after two doses of good old Formula 303, I’m standing upright again. I am so thankful for finding this.

Often I pick this up on eBay, but it’s about the same price as the link above., also. When purchasing Epsom Salts try to look for brands that don’t add any additional filler ingredients or artificial fragrances.

What Do You Do?
What’s your best way to combat being glutenized? Post in the comments and let us know. Always looking for any suggestions to help get through this a little faster.

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