Gluten-Free Pizza – This Tastes Just Like Real Pizza Crust!

My daughter was having a get together with a few of her friends and wanted to have a pizza party. I prepared the pizza crust using the recipe for the Yeast-Free Pizza Crust (found on pages 194 – 195 of  Celeste’s Best Gluten-Free, Allergen-Free Recipes). We topped the pizza with the Pizza Sauce recipe (page 363) ground beef, sliced onions and shredded goat cheese mozzarella (although we’re dairy free at that time we were able to tolerate goat cheese).



Everyone was eating and then I heard the most wonderful thing ever!


My daughter’s good friend Eric said,

“This tastes just like real pizza crust.”

I screamed in delight and everyone must have thought I was crazy. There is no better compliment for a gluten and allergen-free cook to receive I have to tell you. This was one of the last recipes I developed before finishing the cookbook. The crust is terrific. It is made without yeast and also can be made without xanthan or guar gum (how I prepared this crust).

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