Gluten-Free Cocoa And Spices

New Day, new gluten-free, non-GMO products. In light of many of the products I once used in my gluten-free, allergen-free cooking like Hershey’s and McCormick funding against our right to know if any of the foods we eat contain genetically modified organisms – GMOs – I’ve had to find new products to use instead.

Organic Cocoa Powders

Organic cocoa powder is full of heart-healthy antioxidants, fiber, protein and has a far higher concentration of mood-enhancing compounds than chocolate. Not to mention a deep rich chocolate taste when sweetened just enough to offset cocoa’s inherent bitterness.

Use either the NOW brand or the The Spicy Gourmet. These are organic and Fairtrade spices. Some are whole spices such as nutmeg or coriander and we grind it or micrograte it. Currently, this is my preferred brand of spices.

forums this is also an issue. Just something to keep in mind if you can’t seem to pinpoint the cause of your food reactions.

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