Gluten-Free Bread And The Toaster

Here we go with a bit more craziness from the Clevenger family. And I’m sure I’ll receive some heat for revealing what I’m about to in this post.

Up until I developed the gluten-free bread recipes in Celeste’s Best Gluten-Free, Allergen-Free Recipes, we never really had much need for a toaster.

Toasting Gluten-Free Bread

The only gluten-free bread we ate was not suitable for a toaster. It could never be sliced thin enough to fit in the toaster.  And if it could fit, it often fell apart and would break when it popped up. So instead. we used to toast our bread on a rack in the oven or on a pizza tray in the oven.

But since I developed the gluten-free bread recipes in the cookbook we can once again toast bread in the toaster.

A 19 Year Old’s Introduction to a Toaster

But there was a problem. My daughter.

My daughter Kelly is 18 – well almost 19, actually, and she viewed the toaster with fear.

Yes, no joke. Fear.

Maybe because my husband screamed at the top of his lungs an earth-shattering, “No!!! NO!!!” as my daughter grabbed a metal knife to retrieve a piece of bread caught in the toaster.

And then it hit us – Kelly’s never used a toaster before, or even been around one. Of course she had no idea how to use one other then what she’s seen on tv.

Welcome to Toaster Safety 101:

So we had to go through Toaster Safety 101 Rules:

Keep curtains, paper towels or anything that could catch on fire away from the toaster.

Be sure to unplug the toaster before trying to retrieve stuck food to avoid electrical shock.

The food inside toasters and sometimes toasters themselves can catch on fire.

A Few More Gluten-Free Toaster Tips

And I should add here that if your house is not totally gluten-free and part of your family still eats gluten it’s important to have separate toasters and not share the same toaster and keep them a safe distance from one another in the kitchen if possible. Otherwise there’s too high a chance of cross-contamination. The commonly held belief is that bread crumbs can make their way into every nook and cranny of a toaster and contaminate it with gluten, but G-Free Laura tested toasters for gluten and the results may surprise you. You can read more about it on her blog here.

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