Eating Gluten Before A Celiac Disease Screening

I received a post in my twitter feed about how much gluten to consume if you plan to be tested for celiac disease. It was posted by the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center. They suggested eating at least 1 serving of food that contains gluten every day for at least 12 weeks prior to testing.

I understand the sentiment behind their suggestion and also understand that they are trying to advocate that people need to ingest gluten regularly before a celiac disease screening to accurately diagnose whether or not they have the condition.

That said, there’s a part of me that as I read this just wanted to scream, “Are you insane?”

Eat Gluten if They Want to Test for Celiac? Really?

12 Weeks = 3 Months  
That’s 3 Months Of Feeling Lousy  
3 Months Of Having Gluten Do Damage To Your Body

Damage Gluten Can Begin to Do in 12 Weeks

Here are some of the things that could be transpiring during those 3 months:

  • Image Credits: bread in hands ©fericofoto/123RF; beautiful food ©crolique/123RF
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