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Here are some of the wonderful testimonials I've received from those who have tried the recipes in my cookbook, Celeste's Best Gluten-Free, Allergen-Free Recipes:

Celeste's Best Gluten-Free, Yeast-Free Multi-Grain BreadSusan Warren Garramone posted on the Celeste's Best facebook wall: "I just made the new Celeste's Best yeast free, gluten-free bread recipe and it is the BEST GF bread we have ever eaten. 5 family members give it a big thumbs up. The bread has great flavor, is light, has amazing consistency (no holes!!) and does not break when you spread butter on it! One non-GF taste tester LOVED it and she is usually a big critic of GF products. She went back for THIRDS! Way to go Celeste - another winner!!!!!!!"

Mary Warren McCarthy posted on my facebook wall and wrote: "Hello Celeste - We received the package yesterday in perfect timing...a rainy Saturday afternoon. So I got right to work. Made my quad batch of Celeste's Best flourCeleste's Best Gluten-Free Apple Muffins mix and tried out the apple muffin recipe. WOW - they are light and fluffy. I forgot that baked goods could be light and fluffy. Had a focus group of 5...three celiacs and two non. Vote was unanimous. Everybody loved them. Seven year old non-GF friend that was sleeping over said that he liked them better than gluten filled muffins. Can't wait to try out more of the recipes. Thanks so much."

Which was followed a few days later by this comment:

"Two stories for you today: My neighbor's son went home and told his mom about the apple muffins. He asked her to make some so she found a recipe and made a batch of gluten filled ones. He wouldn't eat them, he likes yours better!"

Second story: I was going to try the sugar cookies today but my daughter asked me to make the muffins again instead. This time I played around a little and substituted pumpkin for apple (and a dash of nutmeg). We always loved pumpkin bread but have never mastered a GF one. These muffins tasted just like pumpkin bread the way I remember. Celeste's Best is WONDERFUL. Muffins were light and fluffy. Still can't believe it. Can't wait to try more.

Celeste's Best Gluten-Free Halloween Sugar CookiesAnother comment from Mary: "Tried the gluten-free Sugar Cookie recipe last weekend!  Carly loved them.  Best if decorated - for those with a sweet tooth.  The dough was very easy to work with.  We made pumpkin shapes for Halloween. When I was a kid our mother always baked.  It was fun to bake and decorate cookies with the kids! 

Thanks again Celeste.  (only problem - you are going to have to start working on your second cookbook which will be Gluten Free - Calorie Free! After all this baking and EATING - I am going to quickly grow out of my jeans.)"

Susan also commented on a pie crust photo I put up on my facebook wall and wrote: "I have used the pie crust for EVERYTHING - makes AWESOME chicken pot pie!!!!!!!  My mom  loves it - best GF dough to work with:)"  

Celeste's Best Gluten-Free Sweet Potato PieLater I received an email from her mother, Dot:  Hi Celeste, Today I made a pie crust with your recipe and I was thrilled with how easy it is and how well it rolled out. Since I tasted the crust at Susan's, I knew that it was very tasty, but I did not believe that it was as easy as she said it was. This was my trial for Thanksgiving pies which are always my biggest problem of the entire menu, but now they are going to be the easiest part of the meal. So a great big thank you to you for making my holiday meal much easier. 

Celeste's Best Gluten-Free Pie Pastry DoughFrom my sister-in-law Susan:  It will be a very Celeste's Best Thanksgiving as my Mom is making your pie recipes,  Mary is making your muffin recipe, I am making the new chocolate cake recipe for Joe's bday and Shirley is making the apple crisp recipe:)  Next we'll need the Celeste work out video:)  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Andria Love wrote on my facebook wall: "We made the hamburger roll recipe here today! Two thumbs up (would do more if I had them). These are a million times better than anything else we've tried! It was truly delightful to discover that they tasted just as good after they cooled! I've noticed that sometimes gluten free breads taste okay when hot but awful when cooled. Not so with this! We LOVE this Celeste! Thank you!!!"

Celeste's Best Gluten-Free, Yeast-Free Bagels

Andria Love: I really love these gluten-free bagels!! 

Celeste's Best Gluten-Free, Yeast-Free BreadPatti Kimball commented: I finally made the gluten-free bread! I have to admit that having never paid attention to gluten free products I was a little apprehensive. It was excellent! Your mix made it so quick and easy to make. We ate it hot out of the oven, hopefully, there will be some left to toast in the morning.

And later Patti posted: I made the regular. It was delicious toasted today!

Katherine Emmons posted:  OK I made the white bread today! It was great, and very tasty. It was a little on the moist side at first, but seemed to settle after slicing and cooling. Definitely a keeper and the "troops" are happy.

And later Katherine posted:  Update: 2 days later and still tasty, no toasting needed! I have a yeast bread recipe that I really like, but really by day 2 it needs to be toasted. I need to make another one of these :)

Celeste's Best Gluten-Free, Yeast-Free Loaves of Bread

This was one of my favorite testimonials.  It came from my nephew Christopher who took it upon himself to post a comment on my facebook wall:  The gluten-free bread was great! The bread didn't have too much taste that it was over powering and didn't have too little taste where you can't even taste it, it was just like have a regular bread with wheat flour. It was amazing. Great job! 

Here’s a cookbook testers first attempt at one of my bread recipes.  Jennifer Pettus Ellis posted on my wall:  I'm glad to report that your gluten-free bread turned out GREAT even when made by a total failure person I totally blew the whole recipe but it still turned out great!!! We can't stop eating it. It's only been cooled down for about 15 minutes and we three have already eaten half the loaf. The kids keep telling me how much they like it. That it's like "real" bread I'm loving it, too! My favorite part is the nice crunchy outside and soft inside. I so miss that!! Awesome job, Celeste!!

Now I'll tell you how much I failed at this recipe and how it still turned out. First mistake was that I forget to add the flax meal. This loaf has no flax in it. I didn't realize my mistake until it was in the oven. My second mistake was to remember that you said that I needed a blender stick after I was already well into making the recipe. I don't have a blender stick and so just used my hand mixer. My third mistake was to read your pages all the way Jennifer's loaf of Celeste's Best Gluten-Free, Yeast-Free Breadthrough after putting the bread in the oven. Oops! That's when I saw that you said not to use any substitutions and since I ran out of olive oil this morning and only had coconut oil that's what I used. I also never expected it to use lemon juice and when I saw that as I was nearing the end of stirring the eggs I just had to use a lime I had on hand since I didn't have a lemon. See, I was a complete loser on following direction!! But I'm glad to report that even losers can make a great loaf of bread using your flour blend I'd assume that if I actually followed the instructions properly, I would have had an even more fabulous loaf but I'm thoroughly happy with the one I got as a loser. I promise to thoroughly read through all the papers before trying to start the recipe for the next loaf and I’ll go buy a blender stick and olive oil and a lemon or whatever the else the multi-grain loaf may need. I can't promise though that we can wait a whole hour to let it completely cool down before eating it but I'll really, really try. (Jennifer's photo is posted below.)

And later Jennifer added: I managed to hide away a few pieces of the bread last night so we could have it as toast this morning and it was so good! Just like the old days :) Yay! 

Celeste's Best Gluten-Free Apple CrispShirley Warren commented on my photo on my facebook page.  “Your apple crisp recipe is awesome!" and later, "Celeste's apple crisp again, yummy!"

 Celeste's Best Gluten-Free Chocolate Birthday Cake

From my sister-in-law Susan:  Hi Celeste - The gluten-free chocolate cake recipe is AMAZING - Matt wanted to decorate it for Tony but honestly NO FROSTING NEEDED!!!!!!!!