Stephanie's Breadsticks

                                            Stephanie's breadsticks from Celeste's Best Gluten-Free, Allergen-Free Cookbook | | #glutenfree #gfree #dairyfree

I've met some amazing people from all around the world because of the cookbook. Stephanie is one of them. Here are her comments after making the breadsticks:

"I made the breadsticks and they were so yummy!!  I am going to make them again tomorrow using less water because I wasn't able to manipulate the dough and roll it on the cookie sheet to take on the oil. Nonetheless, all 4 of us loved them and my son and hubby are a tough crowd to please."

and later:

"I made the breadsticks again today with a little less water and they came out perfect!  Much easier to handle and shape + the use of the oil. (They tasted just as good as last night)  I used a little pastry tool to put a design on the top of the breadsticks just because:) I also added some Italian spices to 2 in case the family wasn't a a fan, but they were. Kuddo's to you!!!"

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Celeste's Best GlutenFree, Allergen-Free Recipes Cookbook | | #glutenfree #gfree