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Prop 37 Defeated - Now It's Time for the Rest of the Country to Vote

Saddened me to see that so many in CA actually voted against Prop 37 and the labeling of GMOs and our right to know what is in our food. But always the optimist, I was happy so many did vote for transparency.

GMO and Our Right to Know

How Can You Vote?

But what those companies who fought so hard trying to prevent Prop 37 from passing and with so many, many millions of dollars, didn’t count on was how the rest of can vote. Yes, we get a chance to vote, too. We vote every time will shop in the grocery store with our dollars. The real vote.

Choose to no longer buy any foods that contain any of the following foods:

Sugar Beets
Hawaiian Papaya
Yellow Crookneck Squash  

We May Understand the Harm GMOs Can Do But What About Everyone Else?

I know the truth. I read the information. I researched on my own. I’m not a rocket scientist but it was easy for me to see this was not in our best interests. And it’s definitely not in the best interests of farmers, or the Earth for that matter. There’s only one group GMOs benefit – the people who make them and the manufacturers using them in our foods.

I no longer have any of these foods in our family’s diet. But I have extended family and friends who do. An older gentlemen struggling with all sorts of ailments, who unfortunately eats mainly these kinds of foods.

And all the celiacs following a gluten-free diet and why that diet should be GMO free. Just talking to someone the other day and they were feeding their child a diet full of gf processed foods. And all the children with autism and why it's so important for their diet to be GMO free.

Can Simply Voting with Our Wallets Make a Difference Against GMOs?

We voted with our wallets and they removed BHT, the bovine growth hormone, from milk. I have faith we’ll do it again. I have to.

Voting with our dollars now means there will be a future for our children, and with a diet free of GMOs, it will lead to less infertility issues - so their children, too.

Stop Supporting Companies That Don't Have Your Best Interest In Mind

We can also stop supporting companies who fought so hard to prevent us from being like almost every country in the world – a country free of GMOs. Good-bye McCormick spices! Good-bye Hershey products! Two mainstays of my kitchen for the last 30 years. I no longer support either of your companies. And here is the list again of companies who tried to keep us from knowing that there were GMOs in our food. Click on image to view full size.

GMO Corporate Charlatans Vs. Organic Heroes Heroes

Image Credit: GMO - Our Right to Know InfogramProp 37 Infogram 

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